Synchronized networked Digital Clock

Posted on: 30-12-2014

Computers have real-time-clock chips that utilize the same timing components as wrist watches. This being the case, the time they keep drifts away from the correct time in exactly the same way. This drift can be attributed to slight changes in temperature or manufacturing tolerances. However, they all add up to the time diverging away at differing rates. A number of computers set to the correct time at the same moment will within a few weeks each differ by multiple seconds or even minutes in the worst cases.

Correctly Ordered Events on a Computer Network

In an environment, such as a network, where transactions are being processed or events logged on multiple computers, time drift can cause all sorts of problems. Without the system time of each computer being synchronized to one another, time-stamps and events will appear to arranged in an ad hoc manner with no predetermination. For most organizations, this is completely unacceptable. A means of providing a network with an accurate time reference that all inter-operating computers can refer to is a must.

Digital Clock Features

4 digit and 6 digit models available displaying hours and minutes or hours, minutes and seconds.
Red or Green LED 7-segment display
100mm (4 inch) High Digits – Visible from over 50m (150 ft)
Available in aluminium, plastic and stainless-steel enclosures in various colors.

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