Why Sumith




  • Worked on India's FIRST ITS project
  • Good technical expertise
  • Well established R&D with experienced team
  • Design, develop, manufacture, and support
  • ARAI certified LED Sign board, PIS & ITS Controller and VTS
  • Understands customer needs and work closely with customer
  • Customization as per Customer's requirements
  • High quality and reliable products



  • KSRTC ITS Project (First ITS Project in India)
  • NRDA ITS Projects
  • Supplied equipment for more than 5000 buses(Including LED Displays boards, Control Units such as OBU?VMUs etc.)
  • Supplied more than 500 LED Display Boards with differnet interfaces for Industrial use
  • Supplied close to 10000 VTS Devices and also Software services
  • Supplied close to 250 water AMR devices and also Software services




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