The Sumith's RCU-6001 detects next stop, arriving stop and current stop, displays text on the internal display board and also makes audio announcement. It sends selectred route information to outer LED display boards for passengers.

  • Supports more than 250 routes with > 50 stops/route
  • RS-232 interface to external GPS device
  • Built-in 80W audio amplifier with Mic interface
  • Selected route information sends to Outer LED  displays boards.
  • Configuration of Individual LED  display board intensity
  • Automatic audio announcement of stop's and text message display on Internal LED Display board
  • Supports LED  Display boards and Audio diagnostics
  • File uploading using USB
  • Confirms to IP65

Processor 32-bit processor

512 Kbyte Flash

64Kbyte RAM

Up to 4GB Storage Memory(SD Card)

LCD 128x64 pixel Graphical LCD with white LED

Alphanumeric Keypad with Navigational Keys

Five special function keys

Display Board Interface

RS-485 Interface

Half/Full Duplex Mode

Baudrate : 115200 bps


USB 2.0 Host Interface

RS-232 Interface, Baud Rate : 9600 bps (Interface to external GPS device)


Built-in 80W Audio Amplifier.

Two channels, each 40W

Mic Interface

Power Supply

18V to 39V DC (With Audio)

Current with Audio @ 24V DC:


 2.5A (Max)

1.5A (Typical)

Cranking (Over voltage and Under voltage).

Reverse voltage protection (No Polarity)

Input short circuit protection

Mechanicals Rugged construction with Aluminum and Powder Coated, Vibration Proof 171mm(W) x 53mm(H) x 150mm(D)
  confirms to IP65
Operating Temperature 10°C to +70°C
Humidity 5% to 98% RH